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You can find antioxidants, nature's combat fighter against free radicals, in some of the strangest places, even in sprouts!

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Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, C, selenium, and beta-carotene, are organic substances and minerals that are thought to help prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke. Free radicals are created as natural by-products of organic processes within our cells and by exposure to various environmental stress such as tobacco smoke and radiation. The over-oxidation of free radicals can cause stress at a cellular level which in turn can lead to disease. These amazing molecules get in their way and prevent them from oxidizing.

Our modern diets are abnormally low in vitamins. It is recommended that you eat a wide variety and quantity of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and sprouted grains. This would help ensure you get enough of these protective substances in your diet. Sprouts and green leafy vegetables are very important to consume. Even though it is best to get them from your diet, you may benefit from taking supplements to get enough vitamins in your diet. There is an interesting new product available from a company called FRS Plus. The FRS stands for "Free Radical Scavenger." They have an exciting new antioxidant health drink available and for a limited time you can get an 8 day sample for free.

Our present medical knowledge on the benefits of an antioxidant rich diet is a bit low at this point. Much evidence supports the idea that vitamin-E can prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in humans. More evidence points to their role in lowering cancer rates and heart attacks. The main point you should understand is that the world is now waking up to their benefits. As more and more research is done, the positive effects of having a diet rich in vitamin-E, C, beta-carotene and selenium will become more and more common knowledge. If you decide to take supplements make sure to contact your health care professional for advice and dosage. Everyone's health is different and so it pays to learn more and ask questions about an antioxidant rich diet.

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