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What are the known benefits of chlorophyll in the diet?

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There are many benefits of chlorophyll in the diet. Today, our modern eating habits are very low in green leafy vegetables and/or wheat grass. These are the foods that are very high in chlorophyll and provide all natural detoxification. As more and more research is done, scientists are learning that chlorophyll is not only a cleansing and blood builder food, but that it can be used to counter radiation and may prevent certain cancers from forming. In addition, another little known benefit of chlorophyll is its ability to kill some germs, promote intestinal health and its use as a topical skin healer.

Chlorophyll is known to have cleansing and deodorizing properties

Scientists have studied chlorophyll for some time now. Many people know that is has cleansing and deodorizing properties. Did you know that some research points to using it for the prevention of cancer? In 1980, a Dr. Chiu Nan Lai reported that chlorophyll extracted from wheat grass slowed the cancer-causing effects of benzopyrene and methylcholanthrene. In addition, other tests in laboratories have shown that chlorophyll can reduce the ability of cancer-causing agents to cause genes to mutate.

In the early 50's, experiments with radiation and lab animals reveal another benefit of chlorophyll. In the testing, rats where exposed to lethal doses of X-rays. The animals who had been given alkaline foods, such as dark green vegetables, died less. The animals were fed dark green broccoli, alfalfa leaves and mustard greens. A later study showed that these vegetables could also be used to reduce the effects of radiation and that combining them had an even greater effect.

Chlorophyll can also be used to control germs

In addition to its detoxifying characteristics, another benefit of chlorophyll is germ control. Again, in the 50's studies were done that showed chlorophyll created an environment that prevents the growth of bacteria. It did not directly kill the bacteria, but rather prevented their growth. When bacteria cannot proliferate, they eventually die off. Chlorophyll was shown to be particularly effective in reducing the growth of anaerobic bacteria (ones that can grow without the presence of oxygen).

Another interesting benefit of chlorophyll is its amazing healing effect on cells such as skin and the intestine. Chlorophyll, taken internally, topically or injected, has shown no toxicity what so ever. This means that it can be used virtually anywhere in treating the body. Wounds heal faster, cuts heal with less scarring and peptic ulcers heal better. In addition, it helps thin the blood which promotes better healing at the wound site. Finally, another benefit of chlorophyll is its role in promoting intestinal regularity. In many studies, chlorophyll has been shown to promote regular bowl movements and at the same time decrease gas.

Green foods such as wheat grass, green leafy vegetables, salad greens and supplements are available to everyday consumers to enable you to increase the chlorophyll in your diet. If you have an questions about how beneficial chlorophyll is, please consult your health care provider for guidance.

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