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Consider going on a cleansing diet to help give you a jump start into a raw food or alkaline diet eating program.

Raw Salad
A cleansing diet can really help you get started quickly on a raw food or alkaline eating program. If you have time or are not experiencing severe health challenges, you can consider a gradual transition. But even at the end of your gradual transition consider going on a short term cleanse. This name may be a bit vague or misleading. It really is a juicing diet or liquid feast. You are going to get many times more nutrition than normal but in concentrated liquid format. The length of your cleansing will depends on your health condition before. Consider 3 days (no illness) to 10 days (if seriously ill. Seek supervision if you plan to go for extended cleanse. Consider only 2 days if you are time challenged or an older person or teenager. Always consult a health care professional before beginning a cleanse.

What happens to your body on a cleansing diet?

Basically, your body will be saving the energy and resources to eliminate acid wastes and detoxify your blood, tissue and digestive system. It's going to clean up any internal pollution collecting from eating processed, fried, overcooked, foods, simple starches and sugars. During this time, you are going to drink 3 to 4 liters/quarts of clean purified water, with lemon or lime, with ClO2 drops to make it more alkaline. Try juicing 6 to 12 glasses of fresh green vegetable juice. You can use cucumber, kale, broccoli, celery, lettuce, collards, okra, wheatgrass, barley grass, watercress, parsley, spinach, and sprouts. Add small amounts of beet or carrot for a bit more flavor. Go easy on the beets at first since it can have a considerable bowl cleansing affect. Make sure to dilute the green juice with about 10 times as much water and add ClO2 drops to make it more alkaline. If you do not have access to fresh juice, you can use powdered green drink or capsules while on your cleanse. For meals, prepare raw soups and add essential oils to your soups. You may experience initial hunger pains that may last till day 3. After then, you will probably feel a strong increase in energy. If you cannot make it past the hunger, have a salad with lots of sprouts or raw veggies or more raw soup.

Your body may experience some side effects while on a raw cleanse. The blood may actually become dirtier as the detoxification begins. The only way for the pollution to be eliminated is to go through the blood to be excreted. If you have any unpleasantness increase your liquid intake and make sure it is alkaline. If it becomes too severe, contact a health professional for guidance. Upon finishing the cleansing program, ensure to eat raw meals and alkaline foods to continue keeping your inner terrain clean. Eat at least 40 to 50% raw. Add more sprouts, seeds, nuts, low sugar fruits like tomatoes and grapefruits, and essential fatty acids to your diet. If you ever to 'fall of the wagon' consider doing a 2 day cleanse to get yourself back on track.

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