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A green drink is a power packed body cleansing cocktail from nature's garden.

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Green drinks are supplements which provide the nutrition that may be missing from our modern diets. They come as a powder which you mix with water or juice and consume. They have an alkalizing affect on the body. Dr. Robert Young, the author of "The pH Miracle", tells us that being sick or overweight is a problem with not being alkaline. These products also have a body cleansing affect. Drinking them will give you two noticeable benefits. First, it will give you digestive system a break, giving you more energy. Your body works hard all day to process each meal you consume and that uses up a lot of energy. If you give it a break once or twice a day, your body will have more energy to use. Secondly, when your body has more energy, it can begin the task of detoxifying. By adding a green drink to your diet, you are allowing it to clean the garbage that may be collecting inside you for years.

There are quite a few varieties of green drinks on the markets these days. The product that Dr. Young sells is called supergreens. Another very popular one is Greens Plus. This drink is widely available online and comes in many different formulas. It was invented by a man named Sam Graci. He has won a considerable amount of awards for his formulas. Like all green drinks, his too provide a body cleansing affect. In fact, Greens+ was the first product I ever tried. A friend had suggested I start adding more raw and green food to my diet. She suggested I try Sam's products. I started slowly as was recommended and noticed that in a couple of days I was less hungry and had a bit more energy. Today, 5 years later, I have green drinks nearly every day.

Drinking green drinks, such as, greens plus or supreme greens, can have a fantastic body cleansing affect on your health.

Shortly after I started having green drinks, I noticed some strange, but expected side effects. Gas and other mildly unpleasant symptoms arose. As promised, adding greens plus to my diet was having a cleansing affect. I cut back on the amount and diluted it with more water and soon the symptoms disappeared. The most pleasant side affect of going green was weight loss. It took about 4 weeks for me to realize that by eating this way, I was losing weight. I was thrilled and kept up my regiment for 12 straight weeks. After that, I had a few lapses. Any time I went back to my old eating habits, the next day I felt terrible. As soon as I got back to taking Greens+ and eating green, the body cleansing resumed and I felt better. If you have the time to make a coffee in the morning, you have time to add green drinks to you diet. Try it, you just might come to love it.

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