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Juicers or juice extractors allow you to consume the raw nutrients in 3 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables or wheat grass in just one sitting.

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Juicers are wonderful machines that allow you to get all the incredible nutrition and live enzymes from fresh fruit and vegetables quickly and easily. Could you imagine sitting down to dinner and eating 3 pounds of fruit and vegetables? That amount of food would probably make you feel sick. But we all know that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. How can we get enough of them in our diets? By juicing plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and wheat grass, you can accomplish this quickly and easily. So, the perfect answer to that health question is to get a juicer for your kitchen.

There are many types of juice machines on the market these days. The main idea behind all of them is to crush the cells of the fruit, vegetable or wheat grass to separate the juice from the fiber. Each machine, whether an electric juicer or manual juicer, operates on this same premise. There are three main types of juice extractors; centrifugal or spinning, masticating or crushing, auger and twin gear. The centrifugal machines spin a shredding disc at high speed to separate pulp from liquid. Some keep the pulp in the basket while others automatically eject it. Masticating juice extractors chew and grind the produce to get the maximum liquid extracted. They can also be used to make non-juice products like nut butters, sauces, baby food and frozen treats. The auger and twin gear operate specialized crushing parts that slowly squeeze the produce to extract all the juice. They are more efficient and are quieter, however, they require physical strength to operate, are slower to use, and harder to clean. The advantage is they are quiet and generally produce better quality juice. Depending on your needs, one type of juicer machine will be better for you than another. There are many brands of each kind available. The Juicman II is a great multipurpose juicer with excellent reviews and warranty.

Juicer machines allow you to save time and fresh juice gives you an energy boost when you need it.

There are many health advantages to juice extractors. Raw juice is very easily absorbed by your digestive system. Did you know that the most energy consuming body function is the process of digestion. Can you remember the last time you sat down to a big meal ate too much. What happened next? I bet you were pretty sluggish if not sleepy for many hours after. That does not happen when making juice. Drinking fresh juice allows you to ingest enzymes, micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They save your body energy because it does not have to digest all that food. The fiber from produce is very beneficial so, remember to keep it for use in your raw food recipes. One of the most tangible benefits to a juice program is weight loss and increase in energy. If you find yourself lacking energy and would like to shed a few pounds, you should consider adding a juicer to your home.

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