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Growing your very own sprouts from organic seeds and sprouting kits is not only cheap and easy, its fun too!

Did you know that sprouts are one of nature's superfoods. These power packed foods are alive with the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies need. They also have the added benefit of being very easy to digest. You can grow them quickly and easily from just about any seed, organic seeds are recommended, in only a few days. Some varieties have 4 times the protein content of lettuce. They are really maintenance free. Most only require a quick watering once or twice a day. Sprouting kits make it even easier to grow them on your kitchen counter. You need no soil and they will thrive even in areas of low light. In addition, it is fun to harvest them. You can get your kids to help and make growing sprouts a family activity.

It is recommend to grow your sprouts from organic seeds whenever possible. Going organic will ensure that you are eating the healthiest and most nutrient dense live foods possible. They will also be certified to contain no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, fumigants or chemicals. Considering you are taking the step towards improving your health by eating the live enzymes in these baby foods, please take this added step to ensure the best quality possible.

Did you know that along with mung bean and alfalfa, you can also grow sprouts from hundreds of seed varieties including broccoli, wheat, barley, lentil, and yes, even onion seeds?

Growing sprouts is so simple and easy. All you need is a place for them to grow, the organic seeds, water, and sunlight. Consider buying sprouting kits to make your life a little bit easier. You can grow them in a jar at home but because of the lack of air circulation, mold sometimes grows in the jar too. The wide variety of seeds available make this fun too. You probably are already familiar with alfalfa sprouts since these are often added to sandwiches and salads. Most Chow-Mein dishes made in North America are made from the sprout of the mung bean seed. The sky really is the limit. You can really give your soups, salads and other dishes a kick by adding sprouts from the many hundreds of varieties of organic seeds available on the market today.

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